Now “Multi Language Support” for HD Video Share

Joomla HD Video Share is considered by many of the users as a trendsetter for the online video sharing concept. It has varied features that allow users to upload videos and share them. It takes just few hours to set up your own video sharing website using HD Video Share. However, this was till now available only in English language. What if you can access HD Video Share in multiple languages?

Yes, indeed now you can access the HD Video Share in multiple languages. One of the Joomla Enthusiasts has now created a multi language support pack for the handy Joomla HD Video Share. This is a tremendous add-on to our existing HD Video Share. The Joomla Video Gallery plug-in supports users to video sharing by users, ability to play videos from third parties like YouTube and Vimeo. Additionally, it is known to have various features like monetization, responsiveness, live streaming, RTL Support amongst other features.

This extension has been used extensively by varied users for their video sharing needs. HTML5 support has been a key factor and the reason behind the success of this product amongst mobile users of various websites. However, one major request from users’ side had always been the addition of multi language support which now has been provided by set of Joomla Enthusiasts using Transifex.

Transifex was created to embed certain changes to various products based on global audience’s views and expectations. They had provided various add-ons to varied products worldwide. Recently one of the enthusiasts who had been interested and impressed by HD Video share has created multi language support pack for HD Video Share.

Currently there are totally 7 language supports including the English (UK) which is the source language. The different languages which are part of this multi language pack are French, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, Italian and Vietnamese. Additionally, “other language supports can also be added based on request” says Transifex team.

With this multi language support add-on which should be downloaded from the Transifex page, users worldwide can be benefitted since their favorite Joomla HD Video Share extension from Apptha will be more effective and more supportive.

Current users can download the add-on here.Non-users can get a free demo and buy the extension here.

                  Live Demo               Download

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2 thoughts on “Now “Multi Language Support” for HD Video Share

  1. Vincent

    Thanks for the multi language support feature. It’s a needed one for my site. now it is fullfilled by help of this extension. Good work

    • ramanathan

      I am very Glad you to read my post. Recently we’ve published similar articles in our blog. Kindly have look on that.

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