How to Speed Up Your Joomla Website

“Speed does matter for any website”. Google measures that if a site has been +500 ms slower, then 20% of its traffic is averagely lost. Amazon reports that if their site was 100 ms slower, they say they dropped out with 1% sales. So, websites are getting bigger each day and a recent report says that there has been a tremendous website growth in the recent years. During the time from 1995 to last year the sites are increasing in page by page and the number of objects to be learned through this page.

Why site speed optimization is important?

For Joomla, the only thing you got to do to enhance site speed is measure, learn, optimize and do it again and again. In the recent Joomla World Conference held last year, the importance of site speed optimization was seriously discussed and following are the factors that played key role in their discussion.

  1. Measure
  2. Learn
  3. Optimize
  4. Iterate

“Improve measuring the speed and learn again and again”, concluded the researchers who attended the conference. Joomla is simply not pretty as search engine friendly right out the box. There are in fact quite a number of steps which you need to go through in order to boost the SEO factor and speed of your website. On-site SEO factors are quite vital for any Joomla website. There are a plenty of online tools and sites that helps in measuring the speed of your Joomla. However, a number of Joomla extensions are available to serve this purpose, which can be directly installed as plugins on your site itself. Be it Joomla modules or online resources, measuring your website speed happens to be the vital factor.

Read: How to Speed Up Your Joomla Website

Below listed are few valuable online resources / tools that help you measure your site speed and performance.

Pingdom is one of the sites that help you measure the speed of your Joomla website. Here you are able to measure the speed of the url you are giving in. By directly going to the page, you can measure the speed of your website by entering your site url or the page url for which you need to measure the speed.

So, Yahoo! Surprised? Yahoo has developed a page or resource exclusively for measuring the speed of any website, that has been trusted by so many site owners all over the world. This is not actually a tool but the whole story that helps you speed up your website. is that page, which offers you enough information to measure your site speed. This can be an efficient resource to help you speed your website.

It is easier to use a plugin on your browser to speed your website. is an effective online tool that measures your site’s speed. Yslow takes all the points of the previously shown websites, Pingdom and Yahoo. You can store the plugin on the top right of your browser, so that it is easy to check your site speed every now and then.

Pagespeed is from Google. Pagespeed doesn’t really have a plugin for it. It can be found from the page: Here you can type in the link and can get the result on the page itself. This is an effective tool from Google that gives prominent result at any instant.

Another site that can help you with this is GTmetrix. – This page is a combination of Google Pagespeed and yslow. It combines these two and is almost the same as both.

Above listed are few prominent tools/sites that help in measuring the speed of your Joomla website. In addition to that, there are three major factors which you need to consider for better optimizing your site for SEO.

  • Reduce http request
  • Use gzip compression
  • Use caching

By closely observing these three factors, you can enhance the speed of your site to some major extend. One of the tools which can be used to serve this purpose is Script merge from Yireo. After the plugin is installed, always put caching a page on the last line.

Speed and traffic generation is a slow process and if your Joomla website is new then it will surely take some time to get the desired traffic. However it is important to keep measuring your site speed and performance every now and then.

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