7 Mistakes to Avoid for Better Ecommerce Sales and Conversions

Winning the trust of customers is the ultimate way to take your ecommerce business to the next level. But, it is incredibly hard to win their trust unless your site possesses some outstanding elements. Given the current scenario, it is obvious that most customers may prefer to buy goods via online or through their smartphones. So, your decision to set up an ecommerce store is never a bad idea as it can bring in tremendous response from all corners, but if your site is free from 10 potential mistakes. To help the ecommerce owners to set up flaw-free ecommerce site and to double the ecommerce sales, conversions, I’ve compiled a few mistakes that one should avoid for better ecommerce business. Spot the mistakes below and check whether your site is free from them, if not make necessary amendments to eradicate them.

Mistake 1: Weak and poor designing

It doesn’t matter what type of platform your ecommerce site is built with, if the designing of your site is weak obviously it’s going to stumble. Hiring a professional designer and strategizing the plans about the website you plan to rise could be a best solution. Also, you can check out the designs of a few popular sites online and the customer navigations provided in them to come out with a splendidly designed ecommerce site. If you don’t put in any hard efforts toward the designing aspects, the failure of your business is almost written on the wall.

Mistake 2: Unusable website with poor features

Unusable site is one which doesn’t promise any easy navigation options to the customers. If your site comprises some features that turn on issues, it could annoy customers easily. Especially, the issues arising during the process of transactions can irk customers and their next move would be moving to some other better site. So, ensure that your website isn’t unusable with poor features.

Mistake 3: Multiple shopping barriers

One of the prime reasons why customers opt for the ecommerce stores online is because of the simplicity and easy-to-purchase facility offered by them. If your site completely refrains from this context, then the customers may face a lot of shopping barriers. The more the barriers during shopping the less the sales! Even puzzled and ambiguous navigations can annoy customers a lot. Also, it forces customers to abandon the cart instantly as such activities develop distrust in their minds.

Mistake 4:  Below par customer service

This point holds well for all businesses and not only for ecommerce. Any business with below par customer service will rise up to the next level, as it is the tool using which businesses can build trust with their customers. A personalized customer service can make the customers feel that they are cared by the business and convince them to become repeat customers. So, stay focused on the customer service.

Mistake 5: No search facility in the cart

Just imagine, a customer visits your ecommerce site and plans to buy a product; say your site comprises a lot of products. How would the customer find the product that he wanted to purchase? The only way to find that is by searching via search bars. If your website doesn’t promise one, then the customers have to either search all the products one-by-one manually or leave the cart. Obviously most customers will opt for the latter option. So, include a search option on the cart and make sure it is an advanced one. An advanced search facility allows customers to filter search process and get the relevant products they look out for in a short period of time.

Mistake 6: Puzzling checkout option

Most often sites are loaded with customers but the conversion rates are proved to be much lesser compared to the traffic it receives. What could be reason? There could be reasons for this: (i) long registration process and (ii) ambiguous checkout button positioning. It doesn’t matter which reason your customer finds hard, you’ll lose him/her instantly. Today, you’ve plenty of extensions, say one step checkout for Magento, using which reducing the length of registration process becomes easy. Also, by making checkout button visible on the cart, the customers can easily completely their product purchase and move to the desired page.

Mistake 7: No frequent content update

Retaining the same old content on your ecommerce website and product pages can decrease your visibility on the search engine result pages. As a result, the traffic inflow to your website will hit the bottom. As there is a dip in traffic inflow, the conversion rates will be affected. So, to avoid all such things, frequently update your product page and ecommerce website content. Adding new content to the site helps a great deal in the process of improving visibility of your ecommerce site.

I hope the mistakes discussed in this post are beneficial to everyone reading it. Try to eradicate the 7 mistakes to make your ecommerce business work better for rewarding sales and conversions.

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One thought on “7 Mistakes to Avoid for Better Ecommerce Sales and Conversions

  1. William

    Checkout act as the major issue for online shops. most of the shoppers leave from cart becoz of it’s long process. It’s a great info you shared. Thanks for listed the mistakes to prevent.

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