6 Significant Tips To Manage Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment happens to be the major concern of online shopping sites for the recent years, months and days. A recent survey states that 7 in 10 online shopping carts are exited before a sale is completed. Each time you start a shopping process and end up without purchasing, it is the entrepreneur’s pleading words you hear, ‘don’t go, come back please’. Anything may be the reason for a shopping cart abandonment. Price comparisons, shipping rates, lengthy checkout processes, user experience, web page reloading and lengthy registration forms are a few factors that stimulate shopping cart abandonment.

A website conversion service has recently reported that shopping cart abandonment rates, which was 71 percent in mid 2010 has been surged to 75 percent by June 2011. Being a major crisis in normal buying cycle, shopping cart abandonment is seen to be a major sign in declining the sales factor. In order to overcome the barriers to completing a sale, I’ve put together few significant tips and knacks which could greatly help in bringing customers back to the shopping process.

Eliminate the Registration Process
Registration – The first and foremost headache of customers. No one wants to fill in forms that goes lengthy like ‘the great wall of China’. It has been reported recently that customers who make purchases as guests are higher in number than those who make purchases as registered users. On one end, for an organization to build a lifetime relationship with their customers, the registration aspect is vital. But, while looking over to customer’s point of view, it is the registration process that bothers them more in a shopping cycle. So, being an online entrepreneur, it is wiser that you go on the track of customers. Give them the option to purchase without registering on your site. Bare in mind, ‘A one-time sale is far better than zero sale’.

Display Product Availability
The thing that frustrates most shoppers is finding out in a checkout process that the product is out of stock. This criterion stands to be one major reason for shoppers to abandon their carts. Hence, show stock levels (either in or out) on the product page itself or alert the customer when they are about to add that item to their cart.

You know where your problem is and you have rectified it. Now, re-market! With re-marketing emails, encourage your shoppers to return back and make a purchase. Once you’ve found the reason for shopping cart abandonment, work on it and make the thing user-friendly. Thereafter, market your products in a way assuring shoppers that purchasing the product from your company is really a great choice for so and so reasons (which you’ve worked on). Re-marketing can be done in one or many ways. Advertisements can be displayed once the shopper has left a site or shopping cart. Marketers can rely on Google Adwords to make re-marketing relatively easy. You can place a conversion code on key pages, prepare re-marketing ads and place those ads on Google Adwords network, thereby encouraging the customer to come back. Re-marketing strategy has witnessed to have increased the sale by 18 percent. It is also a great idea to email shopping cart abandoning customers soon after they leave the site. For this, you got to collect the email addresses of shoppers (even if unregistered) early in the checkout process itself and send them a mail checking whether they had faced any technical issue on your site.

Welcome Returning Back Shoppers
Having your site recognized a particular shopper, who is visiting your site for a second time, it can be a better idea to show the products or cart directly on the landing page, thereby triggering or reminding them once again to make a purchase. It has been reported that an approximate 90 percent of online sales are made by customers who are already familiar with a site.

Maintain Patience
Never bother about the shopping carts abandoned by your shoppers! Leave those carts active for at least a minimal of 60 days. The shoppers are likely to return back and make a purchase. It is quite factual that most of the sites clean up the abandoned carts very frequently since they consume much memory space and have impact on site performance. Anyway maintaining the cart for at least 60 days doesn’t make a much difference. It is also more vital that you save every shopping cart.

Implement Multiple Payment Systems
It is not just enough of having PayPal and Google Checkout. Remember, this is online shopping and you’re gonna get customers from all parts of the world. Accepting multiple forms of payment makes the process absolutely easy and simple. Also, include the contact information of your shoppers.

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2 thoughts on “6 Significant Tips To Manage Shopping Cart Abandonment

  1. Amanda

    I have been using my own shopping cart software when building sites for customers for a long time, I find it’s the easiest way to get exactly what you want, but comes with a huge responsibility. I also think it’s important to be open to new ideas and explore current ones. Can’t thank you enough for such helpful info. Very constructive and clear. Amanda.

    • Anand

      Thanks for your complement.

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