How to Convert the Visitors into Shoppers through E-mails?

What is the point if 1000 plus people walk in to your store and only 10 among them turn into buyers? This kind of low customer conversion rate will be disappointing and is an alarming issue for any store owner. In case of showrooms, the owner might have an idea of why the customer has left without doing any purchase, but for an online web store owner, the reason for a visitor abandoning the cart is mostly unknown. Read More »

Hottest Deal in a Coolest Ever Price – Magento 8 Pro Pack

For all Ecommerce store owners out there, here comes an attractive package of the most-needed extensions that will propel your sales growth to new heights. Apptha has handpicked 8 of its top selling Magento extensions and has bundled it as a Magento combo kit which will help you out on the technical side to achieve remarkable success in your business. This all in one package is the best tool kit to overcome the shortcomings of your site in quick time. Read More »

How to Engage visitors using Videos and reduce Bounce rate by 50% in WordPress Sites

Videos are sources that help in engaging people more than texts or images as it delivers a message or an objective in a much easier way which helps the viewer to understand it with minimum effort. Creating videos for product promotions has become a latest trend of late and provides a number of benefits which the other forms of online promotions cannot. That too, for an online product, video marketing has become an essential aspect for doubling up the sales and it is important for Ecommerce store owners to keep up with this trend which is picking up pace ever since it came into existence. Read More »

How to Create a Simple Photo Gallery for Your Joomla Website?

For websites of any kind, displaying images in a well organized manner is a must as it helps to engage users and instruct them in a better way. For websites powered by Joomla, Apptha has created a cost-free, easy-to-use extension, the ‘Simple Photo Gallery’, which will enable websites to display high quality images in a neatly crafted gallery structure.

Simple Photo Gallery which comes loaded with a lot of customizable options can be installed easily and configured appropriately to match your site’s nature. Follow the instructions given below and get this free photo gallery plugin working silky smooth on your site in minutes. Read More »

How to Enhance Credibility of Your Magento Online Store Using Reviews & Ratings?

Just setting up an online store alone wouldn’t do much good. It definitely needs more extensions and add-ons that specifically perform various functions that will enhance the credibility your online store to a higher level. It’s a fact that not every store is fully equipped at the base level itself. It might need more additional enhancements. one such important extension is Reviews and Ratings. Read More »

How to Create Structural Block in Magento

Have you always wanted to know how to create structural blocks in Magento? Or are you experimenting with various development stuffs on Magento? Well, Structural blocks are the ones that are created for the sole purpose of assigning visual structure for your store’s page. This includes header, left column, main column and footer. Structural blocks are also the ones that define the location of the content blocks on a web page. It declared with “as” ( as=”structuralblock”). Read More »